After Their Tag Team Championship Win, The Revival’s WWE Future Is Still Uncertain

Their main roster career has been derailed by injury and marred by some dumb storylines, but The Revival seem like they’re in a good place now as Smackdown Tag Team Champions and part of the #FTRKO alliance with Randy Orton. Interestingly, though, they may have become the first team to hold the NXT, Raw, and Smackdown tag titles about six months before their contracts are up.

Fightful reports that The Revival still had not re-signed with WWE ahead of their Clash of Champions win last Sunday, despite, “some renewed efforts to sign Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder” by the company.

The Revival’s contracts are reportedly up in April 2020, with time added due to Wilder’s injury, so expect them to stick around the sports entertainment giant at least through WrestleMania 36. However, they’ve reportedly tried to leave WWE in the past and would be one of the least surprising acts in the company to see show up in All Elite Wrestling. Not only has the new promotion heavily promoted their tag team division already, but The Revival have a well-known friendship with The Young Bucks, and the FTR catchphrase that The Revival use on their gear was previously a gag on Being the Elite.

Will The Revival decide to spend additional years in WWE or will they take their old-school Southern rasslin’ ways elsewhere? We should find out in the coming months.