AJ Lee Is Done With WWE Following Survivor Series, Say The Same Old Rumors

The writing is one the wall.

Every woman in WWE that isn’t AJ Lee is being herded under the ‘Total Divas’ banner. ‘Total Divas’ and the Divas Championship have been segregated, though the line between them is starting to wither and break. Every time AJ’s husband pops up somewhere, we’re reminded how “healthy and happy” they are away from wrestling. When she wrestles now, they chant his name.

The ending to this story is AJ Lee walking away from WWE and the entirety of the Divas division — including its championship — being absorbed into reality TV, right?

According to a rumor making the rounds this weekend, Survivor Series could be that ending. Via WrestleZone:

A rumor has been going around, recently addressed by Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com, that AJ Lee may be wrapping up her career in WWE. According to said rumor, which apparently stems from a legitimate backstage discussion, if AJ drops the Divas Championship to Nikki Bella at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV, it will be a strong indication that she is done.

The thing keeping this a “rumor” instead of “news” is how often it makes the rounds. It seems like every few months now, a specific show or loss means AJ’s finally fed up with WWE and ready to leave. Her early career was built around a deep, sincere love of wrestling and the larger “WWE Universe,” so we’re stuck between two perceived realities: the woman who has lived her dreams and now has better things to do, and the one who wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Also, remember when she was supposedly pregnant?

For better or worse, the next step is Sunday’s Survivor Series. It’ll be the End Of An Era, or maybe just the start of the next rumor cycle.