AJ Styles Hates When Behind-The-Scenes Info Leaks Out

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05.08.17 10 Comments

Before the recent Superstar Shake-Up (even before we knew that was what it would be called), there were rumors that some serious headliners would be switching WWE brands. Many reports indicated ahead of time that AJ Styles would be one of the top Smackdown stars heading to Raw, and many aso indicated Roman Reigns might be sent to Smackdown. Neither of those ended up being the case, and we’re all probably better off for it. The shows are, too.

In the above interview with Inside the Ropes, Styles was asked about all the rumors that said he would be moving brands in the Shake-Up. Styles heard those rumors, too, and he couldn’t be happier that they were incorrect. Not because he didn’t want to go to Raw, but because he thinks wrestling is better when there are actual surprises.

“I heard rumors as well, and I’m glad that they were wrong. Because I hate when people know what’s going on with our business. It should be our business to surprise you, not your business for someone else to read about on the internet. That actually upsets me, that some people know … or whoever it is in the office of WWE can’t keep their mouth shut.

“But it’s fun for [fans] to speculate, and [argue] why they need to be on Raw, and why they need to be on Smackdown. That’s fun! And to not know, because I don’t think that WWE knew until the last minute, who was going where. And I have no problem with that, because if they don’t know, neither does the internet. There [were] some surprises, and that is a good thing.”

He’s not wrong! It’s true that wrestling fans agree there’s nothing better than being legitimately surprised. It’s just in our curious-ass natures to click on anything spoiler-y. We are only human, AJ. We hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.

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