Al Roker Will Be A Guest Ring Announcer At WrestleMania 33

Without running the numbers on this in any way, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that John Cena has hosted the Today Show more times over the past year than he’s had televised WWE matches. If nothing else, it certainly feels that way.

Anyway, since it’s WrestleMania week, WWE has officially launched their full-court … uh … press press. You’re about to see WWE Superstars EVERYWHERE this week, starting with The New Day opening the New York Stock Exchange and going all the way through to next week, when, I dunno, Jimmy Kimmel pranks a grandma into sniffing the Ascension’s jock straps, or something.

On Monday, Cena was once again in his (reinforced) co-host chair for Today, and will be back in that role again tomorrow. But the important thing is, while Cena was hosting, he managed to surprise beloved weatherman/jack of all television trades Al Roker by informing Al that he would be his guest ring announcer at WrestleMania.

Al Roker probably didn’t expect when he woke up this morning that he’d be taking two trips to the pay window! And we’ll forgive Al for not doing the correct hand motions along with his “YES!” chant. Cena will coach him on that, I’m sure. And by “coach him on that,” I mean “instruct him to only use John Cena-brand catchphrases.”