Alberto El Patron Suffered Multiple Injuries After Being Assaulted With A Knife

After missing his first major appearance since his departure from WWE, Alberto El Patron (Del Rio if you’re nasty) has come up with a pretty good excuse. And by that we mean oh no.

Alberto was scheduled to tag with Psycho Clown against Dr. Wagner Jr. and Pagano for AAA’s Heroes Immortales X event in Monterrey, Mexico on Sunday, but no-showed the event. AAA issued a statement lamenting his lack of commitment to the event:

We regret the lack of commitment of Alberto, as he failed the Mexican public that has supported him throughout his career, and that turned him into one of the leading figures of wrestling in Mexico and internationally.

Now, Alberto has taken to Instagram to give his official statement on the matter, and explain what kept him from performing:

Mr. Rodriguez, shortly after eating a meal before his flight was assaulted by a criminal with a knife outside the restaurant. Mr. Rodriguez suffered multiple lacerations on his arm and other parts of his body defending against the criminal as Police were called by witnesses.

The statement goes on to explain that he’s provided documentation to AAA, and is committed to the rest of his scheduled bookings.

We wish Alberto a speedy recovery from what was surely a harrowing event.