Alberto Del Rio Was Reportedly Arrested In Austria After A Nightclub Brawl

Ah, 2017. A new year, and a chance to hear some new stories and leave the drama of 2016 far, far behind us. Now let’s just see what th– aw, hamburgers. Alberto Del Rio damn did it again. When we last left our intrepid explorer, he was beating the stuffing out of a wrestling ninja turtle. Now he’s ringing in 2017 by [checks notes] beating up his brother!

Austrian news outlet Kronen Zeitung reported on Monday that following a match in front of a crowd of 1,000 fans in Leoben, Austria on Friday, Del Rio and his brother, El Hijo de Dos Caras, were involved in a nightclub fight that sent a man to the hospital. After Del Rio and Dos Caras were arrested, they then got in a fight at the police station after Del Rio broke out of the zip ties that were restraining his hands. Del Rio reportedly knocked out El Hijo de Dos Caras, sending his brother to the hospital as well, and then had to be shackled, because the handcuffs the police had were too small for him.

The club brawl reportedly ended with blood on the walls and “inventory destroyed,” although Del Rio was released at some point over the weekend and returned to the United States, as he was spotted in Tampa with his fiancee Paige prior to Monday’s episode of Raw. At present, there is no indication whether Del Rio will face further charges in Austria, or what the status is of his brother or the other man who was sent to the hospital. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more.

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