Alberto El Patron Claimed It Was His Idea To Be Stripped Of The GFW Title

On Monday, Global Force Wrestling announced that they would be stripping Alberto El Patron of the unified world title. This comes on the heels of some police investigations, although El Patron was not considered a suspect and was cleared of any wrongdoing. According to GFW, Patron remains suspended indefinitely, and according to their statement, they were the ones who notified the former champ of their decision after an internal investigation.

El Patron took to his Instagram account later on Monday to say that it was his idea to be stripped of the title, and that it is a positive move and will be best for all parties involved, both in the short term and in the long run.

“My company Impact and I have come to an agreement that it’s best for both parties if I be stripped from the championships. I came up with the suggestion just to show that Impact doesn’t have favorites and everyone gets treated the same. Apologies to my fans and brothers and sisters in the company, even though I came out all clear and there was no wrong doing, it was still a scandal. So thanks for your support and let’s move forward more positively.

“One day I hope to be your champ again!”

One might argue that if there really weren’t favorites in the company and that everyone is treated the same, that someone cleared of all wrongdoing wouldn’t have to give up their title following a thorough investigation. But if he wants to try to help the company save face after what he admits is a scandal nonetheless, good for him. Just … maybe remember the place is called Global Force now.

It’s okay, we still have trouble with that, too.