Alberto Del Rio Is Now Reportedly Injured As The WWE Injury Plague Continues

No, seriously. This isn’t a joke.

New reports say that recent United States Champion Alberto Del Rio has a lower back injury that has already forced him off the weekly shows and may keep him out of action even longer.

Del Rio didn’t wrestle on Raw, only appearing in the corner of his League of Nations partners, and didn’t appear on (and reportedly wasn’t even backstage at) Smackdown. He’s a top name announced for upcoming live events in Tennessee and Mississippi, but we’ll have to wait and see if he sits them out.

As you know, WWE has been destroyed by injuries in the last year, so much so that our “injuries” tag page is almost exclusively WWE-related.

It also may be time to ask serious questions about whether or not Wade Barrett is cursed. King Barrett’s been dealing with injuries his entire career, including a recent nerve issue that demoted him from active League of Nations participant to non-wrestling-but-still-involved-in-matches apron stander. Since then, every member of the League has missed time. Rusev missed a few shows with a minor injury in early January, and just this week Sheamus was spotted wearing a cast. Now, Del Rio is injured. Should we be trying to quarantine Barrett?