‘El Patron’ Alberto Del Rio Is Reportedly Headed To Ring Of Honor

According to the internet’s leading source for wrestling maybes, Dave Meltzer has broken the news that Alberto Del Rio will be joining Ring of Honor in the new year.

While he hasn’t officially signed with Lucha Underground, it’s expected that he’ll be joining them at their next round of tapings. It’s suspected that Del Rio will join ROH for their upcoming January TV tapings. With most of their “big names” in New Japan Pro Wrestling for Wrestle Kingdom 9, Ring of Honor would need someone to anchor the tapings. That said, it’s a bit mystifying to think that an Actual Professional Wrestler who isn’t ancient and/or terrible is going to Ring of Honor. It’s like having your Real Life Wall Street CEO Dad show up to run your bake sale, y’know?

As always, this is all speculative, and we’ll keep you posted as to where El Patron officially makes his US home base when it is announced.

So what say you? Who do you think could match up best with Del Rio’s style and size, and also not look like a tiny baby independent wrestler while doing so? Drop us your ideas in the comments below.