Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Beat Up A Wrestling Ninja Turtle In Mexico

It’s been entire weeks since we’ve run a story about Alberto Del Rio and/or Paige here at With Spandex, so it’s probably no surprise that this one is extra-crazy. It’s like there’s a limit break crazeballs meter that Alberto needs to fill up before a story comes out about him.

So here’s the new Del Rio story, via the glorious Lucha Blog: Alberto and Paige appeared at an IWRG show in Arena Naucalpan outside of Mexico City on Sunday night. Del Rio sat in the owner’s box for part of the show, but then went backstage at some point, and eventually a fight broke out between him and Alan Xtreme, who wrestles for IWRG as Rafy, one-fourth of the Tortugas Ninjas stable — one of three (3) different ninja turtle wrestling groups that competes in Mexico.

There is currently no clear answer as to what started the fight, but some reports have indicated Del Rio thought Rafy touched either him or Paige, leading to fisticuffs. Some reports have also indicated Del Rio and Paige were drinking prior to the fight. No reports have indicated whether Rafy was cool, but rude.

The fight was said to be extremely one-sided, given that Alberto is an enormous man. Lucha Blog reported that Rafy’s face was marked up and he was in bad shape, but was in “stable condition” after the fight. The brawl actually spilled out of the locker room and into the main hallway of the arena, leading to fans seeing it and posting about it on social media, which no one at IWRG is happy about. Thus concludes your standard Alberto Del Rio update: things are going great.

If you were wondering what a wrestling ninja turtle looks like in action, here are some clips of Tortugas Ninjas. Have fun!