‘Total Divas’ Doesn’t Have Legal Permission To Show Or Reference Alberto Del Rio

The latest (and hopefully greatest) season of Total Divas has just kicked off, featuring new Divas Superstars and promising plenty of drama with Paige and her beau, Alberto Del Rio. There’s one small problem with that, however, as Del Rio is no longer with the company.

In the above interview with KENS 5, Del Rio (or El Presidente or El Patron or whoever) explained why you’re barely going to see him all on season six of Total Divas, even though Paige’s relationship with him has been a big selling point in the promotion for the show. It goes beyond the fact that he’s no longer employed by WWE. Total Divas is not actually legally allowed to mention or show him.

“I’m not gonna be there, they’re just gonna be promoting me because they know everybody wants to know about this. Especially because I never — I mean in the past I was never putting my life out there for the people to see it. This is the first time people get to know about me. Yeah, they gonna get to see me for just two or three seconds. They’re not allowed to use my image or voice — you gonna get to see me for just four or five seconds.

“You’ll be seeing my girlfriend Paige doing all of her stuff, they’re gonna get to enjoy her for many, many more years. She’s gonna continue wrestling for all of those people wondering if she is gonna go back to the ring one day. Yes she will. She had surgery just three weeks ago but she’s just doing what she’s supposed to do in order to get back into the ring.”

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing like one Instagram picture of Paige and Del Rio, followed by everyone discussing “Paige’s new boyfriend” while he exists entirely offscreen. It’s going to be like a very strange combination of Anthony Michael Hall’s relationship in The Breakfast Club and Poochie.

(h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)