Alberto El Patron Calls Flying Economy ‘Subhuman’, Has Been In Talks With WWE About A Return

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Yesterday the former (and possible future) Alberto Del Rio found himself in the news for canceling a German indie booking under somewhat iffy circumstances. According to the promoters at wXw, Alberto demanded to be upgraded to Business Class at the last second, a change which would have cost the company an extra $7,000. When wXw tried to negotiate a solution, they found Alberto was unwilling to bend, and he ended up pulling out with less than a week’s notice.

Alberto has since responded to wXw’s allegations, and well, let’s just say it seems like Alberto may be living the aristocrat gimmick. According to Alberto, he was hired through a third party, which was a cause of some of the confusion. Also, he had some legitimate concerns about a lack of information from wXw.

“Wxw Germany tried to hire me under a third party under totally different agreements than I usually do. Obviously, I did not approve and we agreed on the normal terms. Terms that are always the same. Why do they want to be treated differently? Over a year of doing [the] Independent circuit and all the promoters have agreed to the same terms (fees, hotel & transport, and business class).

They also did NOT supply us with a tangible itinerary or concrete information. Where was I going to stay, where and when was I to travel and match info??? More importantly where is my working visa papers? Were they ever prepared?”

Ultimately though, the real money quote is Alberto’s response to being booked in an Economy seat.

“I love this sport but let’s not be fooled. Flying in a small seat for 16 hours is not comfortable. I will not be bullied by promoters into working conditions I did not agree. Not all promoters are the same. I speak against those that treat us wrestlers like subhumans. I will never bow my head to this type of treatment, but you already knew that.”

There you have it, Economy is for SUBHUMANS. Alberto derisively wipes his mouth with your peasant Economy tickets.

Of course, the other interesting facet of this whole situation, is that WWE apparently wants Alberto back, and these German dates would have overlapped with WWE’s upcoming tour of Mexico. According to PWInsider, WWE is more than idly interested in Alberto, the two sides have actually been in concrete talks. No word yet on whether a deal has been stuck, but it’s looking more and more like a return to WWE is Alberto’s DESTINY. WWE’s Mexican tour is this weekend, so we may know soon enough.

(Via SB Nation and PWInsider)