Alberto El Patron No-Showed An Autism Benefit And Nobody Can Find Him

As a heads up, a lot of this is unsubstantiated, so take it with a grain of salt.

On Sunday, AAA and Lucha Underground star Alberto El Patron — formerly known as WWE’s Alberto Del Rio — was advertised and scheduled to appear at “Bustin 4 Autism,” a benefit wrestling show from Clutch City Productions and Tony Brooklyn’s Lone Star Wrestling out in Pasadena, Texas. He didn’t show up, and was replaced with Gene Snitsky.

According to the promoters, El Patron not only no-showed, but nobody’s been able to reach him since Saturday. He’d retweeted and helped promote the show in previous weeks, so it’s clear that he was aware of his scheduled appearance, and it wasn’t just a local promotion announcing stuff they had no intention of following through on. The show being an autism benefit makes the no-show especially concerning, so Clutch City released the following statement:

We would like to sincerely apologize to all the fans that came out expecting to see Alberto “El Patron” (Del Rio) in action tonight. Alberto was advertised as the main event for the “Bustin for Autism” charity event in Houston (Pasadena) TX and he did not show up.

Fans in the Houston area are familiar with our company and know that we have an excellent reputation. We would never false advertise any talent or mislead the fans. We will always state the facts, as of 11:55PM we have not received any information from Alberto’s “camp” as to why he did not appear at the event. Alberto helped us promote the event through his social media and as of 9:00PM yesterday there has always been constant communication. Alberto was given money up front as a deposit, he was provided with a four-star hotel, as well as first class air-fare. We followed through with all the terms that were required by Alberto and have numerous e-mails, and text with all this information.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes happen and we are hoping that Alberto is doing well. It is unclear what caused the “no-show” but it is very difficult to comprehend as to why we weren’t notified by a member of his camp. Alberto was to appear at an autograph session before his match from 4:00PM-6:00P, we have been attempting to contact him since 12:00PM today. Nevertheless, we scrambled and did everything possible to make sure that the fans of LoneStar Championship Wrestling left satisfied. Special thanks to professionals such as Tommy Dreamer & Lance Hoyt (who put on a hardcore match as the main event), and Gene Snitsky (who faced Carson in Alberto’s place).

Again, we thank all the fans that came out tonight and supported a great cause!

Lone Star’s statement followed on Monday, noting that Alberto’s still off the radar.

Almost 24 hours later, we still have not heard from the camp of Alberto El Patron. Mr. El Patron was booked through our co-promotion partner Clutch City Productions to headline the Bustin 4 Autism charity pro wrestling event in Pasadena, TX last night.

Mr. El Patron would not know who we are directly, since his camp’s dealings were with our promotional partner. Like the charity and fans who purchased tickets, we are affected. A lot of time, money and effort was put in to this event. Those who know us, understand that we strive to put on quality events. We are a company that our fans can trust. Mr. El Patron’s unexcused and unexplained “no show” unfairly taints that reputation. Though we were not directly involved in the negotiation and booking with El Patron’s camp, there is no doubt that the Bustin 4 Autism team, were more than fair and gracious in the process.

At this point, our thoughts are initially with Mr. El Patron’s well being. He seems to have disappeared. Once the dust settles, we are confident that Mr. El Patron will do the right thing and return the deposit he was paid, along with premium travel funds lost by the charity. We might also suggest that Mr. El Patron take it a step further, and make an additional donation to the charity.

We would like to thank the fans and sponsors who stepped up to support this event for the Bustin 4 Autism 501c group. We would also like to recognize our co-promotional partner, Clutch City Productions, who put forth an incredible effort to promote and help organize this event. We look forward to working with them and the Bustin 4 Autism folks in the future.

In closing, we also thank the wrestlers who stepped up to make this a memorable event, as well as the many staff members and volunteers who contributed in some manner.

Chris Ronquillo
aka Tony Brooklyn
Lone Star Championship Wrestling

As of late Monday afternoon, Alberto El Patron’s whereabouts are still unknown. This has caused a lot of gossip to stir, and the truth of the matter is that there’s not enough information to get too worried in either direction. It could be something horrible, or it could be a guy getting pissed and busy and not wanting to answer his phone. Anything from a family emergency to an unexpected injury and on and on. All we can do is hope for the best, and hope Alberto gives Clutch City a major discount on his rate the next time they throw a benefit.

We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses.

Update: According to “AAA sources,” he’s just … chilling at home?

Bad Google translation: “Despite some rumors that put him as ‘disappeared’, the fighter Alberto ‘El Patron’ is at home, according to sources from AAA.”