There Are Loads Of Conflicting Reports About Alberto Del Rio’s Stabbing Story

As we probably could have suspected with a story involving the former Alberto Del Rio, this story just keeps getting stranger. Let’s try to recap. Alberto El Patron (the name the former WWE Superstar is now going by) missed his first major booking in Mexico since departing WWE, but gave a pretty understandable explanation: he was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant and stabbed multiple times, which is why he no-showed. The details that were given about that attack were pretty damn bonkers, but now the whole thing is looking fairly suspect after a slew of conflicting reports have come out.

LuchaBlog was among the first to point out the discrepancies in the details of Del Rio’s story:

The longer version of this story explains a few things that were unclear before, but there are things in the story that don’t quite add up to me. It’s explained Alberto didn’t contact AAA until the next morning because he lost his phone, but the report both has Alberto never getting that far away from his car (and phone?), and Alberto’s mentioned as wanting to charter a plane to Monterrey to make the show (but still couldn’t contact AAA?) Alberto is able to fight off and disarm a knife wielding maniac with his superior fighting skills, which is super hero stuff right there, but then maniac somehow just gets back in his car and leaves without anyone stopping him. There’s no details about attack or the car that hit Alberto, and there’s no news stories about this outside of the wrestling media that I can find. I know local newspapers are not in great shape, but Alberto is a celebrity who just got stabbed, an article about it would sell a few papers.

There could be great answers to all these questions, maybe things which just get confused in the trauma of the moment, and I’m not actually interested in playing CSI. Getting stabbed is not a good experience and I feel terrible for questioning the story of a person who got stabbed. The issue is, I had the feeling before that there’s parts of the story which aren’t being told and what I heard didn’t shake that feeling. (Somewhere in San Antonio, there should be a police report to clear this up – but one hasn’t been found. That’s concerning.)

This was followed up shortly after by reports from Pro Wrestling Sheet and The Wrestling Observer that San Antonio police have no records or reports of a stabbing that would match the attack El Patron described, particularly since all accounts of the story say that the police were, in fact, contacted.

What’s more, El Patron is now telling a new version of the story, claiming Paige was present at the attack and involved in the fight, which wasn’t part of the original description. According to Récord, Del Rio fought with the attacker, and Paige tried to get involved when the two men went to the ground and Del Rio got stabbed. Paige was thrown, and the attacker fled when Alberto went to check on her.

Paige only fanned the flames when her latest Instagram post was a photo of El Patron (almost certainly an old photo) of him with no stab wounds or bandages on his bare arms.

This story is probably only going to get wilder before it gets resolved, so we’ll keep you posted.