Alex Riley Demonstrated His Lack Of Self-Awareness By Taking Shots At ‘Tough Enough’ On Twitter

Alex Riley is being a weirdo on Twitter again. As you may recall, earlier this year Riley posted a bunch of strange tweets and hilariously bad Photoshops about how he was being held back and needed to be “freed from his cage”. Eventually his #FreeRiley hashtag led to him returning to the ring in NXT for a one-sided, mostly awful feud with Kevin Owens. Less than two months later, Riley was back on the shelf due to a nagging knee issue.

Well, Riley must be bored sitting at home, because he’s back at it, taking shots at Tough Enough on Twitter

Of course this is particularly preposterous coming from Alex Riley, who was the product of a wacky WWE “winner gets a contract” game show. Riley is the 2010 version of the bland weightlifters and fitness models currently competing on Tough Enough. Really, the only difference is that Riley spent a couple years in developmental before doing NXT, as opposed to the mostly untrained NXT competitors.

I mean, obviously we don’t want Tough Enough to produce another Alex Riley, but Alex Riley isn’t the guy who should be making that point. Stop raging in your glass house, dude.

(Via SEScoops)