Alex Riley Has Lost His Damn Mind On Twitter, Wants To Be ‘Freed From His Cage’

Coming off Vince McMahon’s appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast there’s been a lot of talk of guys stepping up and reaching for brass rings recently, which apparently has had an adverse effect on Alex Riley’s brain, because the dude has taken a not-so-graceful swan dive off the deep-end on Twitter. Earlier this week Riley created the hashtag #FreeRiley and has been posting numerous laughably crude Photoshops of him behind bars, because the Miz’s shitty ex-lackey is being held down by the system man.

Here’s a few of the ridiculous/insane things Riley has tweeted over the past couple days…

The lunacy begins…

Uh-oh, Alex Riley found the “opacity” slider on Photoshop.

Will you also be more meat-filled and purple than Brock Lesnar? Please don’t take that as a challenge.

This was a re-tweet, but Riley doesn’t escape blame, because seriously, why would you re-tweet this?

Of course a lot of folks will immediately peg this as a work, but if it’s a work it’s remarkably believable in its sadness. Also, this being a work assumes WWE is actually investing time and energy in a storyline involving Alex Riley. No, I’d say we’re looking at one of two explanations — a) Alex Riley has gone legit crazypants, or b) he’s trying to get fired, which is kind of nuts in its own way. Dude, WWE pays you to sit there in a suit during pre-shows and flirt awkwardly with Renee Young on NXT – it’s really not a bad gig, but hey, if you want out, don’t let the cage door hit you on the ass on the way out.

via Wrestling Inc.