Alex Riley Talked About Being Unhappy Working As An Announcer In NXT

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07.18.17 6 Comments

At this point, Alex Riley — or Kevin Kiley Jr., which is what he’s going by now — is well underway in his second career as an actor. He had a fun guest starring turn on GLOW, and talked to us recently about how much it meant to him to get that role. He’s still making the interview rounds in support of his appearance on GLOW, which means there are a lot of questions coming in about his long stint in WWE.

While Riley still isn’t telling the full story of his altercation with John Cena that reportedly altered the course of his career (and he says he’s not sure if he’s ever going to tell that story), he is talking about the intense frustration he felt at the end of his run with the company, when NXT wanted him to remain an announcer. On the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Riley opened up about how rough it was for him to be an announcer, when all he wanted to do was wrestle.

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