WWE May Be Considering A New Role For Alexa Bliss

11.08.18 8 months ago 27 Comments


Everyone’s been wondering what’s going on with Alexa Bliss for a while now. The former Raw Women’s Champion was pulled from the Mixed Match Challenge at the last minute due to injury in September, and then pulled from her planned tag match at WWE Evolution in October. Even before that, fans were complaining that when she was in the ring, she never seemed to take significant bumps anymore.

A rumor has been spreading, mentioned on Cageside Seats (although without a source), that WWE is considering giving Alexa a position as an onscreen authority figure, rather than putting her in the ring again anytime soon. If there’s any truth to it, it probably doesn’t bode well for her health. Also, Raw and Smackdown each have at least two authority figures, and every other WWE show has at least one, so they’d have to do some shuffling to make a space for her.

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