Alexa Bliss Announced A Segment For Raw, Plan Your Monday Accordingly


Raw has been making all the choices lately. On the episode before last, Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax had a talk segment in the ring, which highlighted both of their shortcomings as performers — speaking in a realistic human manner turned out to be a shortcoming they both share. Later in that same episode, Bayley and Sasha Banks had a “Q&A Session” in the ring at the behest of new Raw Women’s Division Manager Alexa Bliss. What do you know, it turned out that talking isn’t among Bayley and Sasha’s greatest strengths either.

So then of course they went back to that same well with Bayley and Sasha this week, because when a segment doesn’t work once, WWE likes to do it again. Fortunately, according to a tweet from Alexa, she won’t be having Bayley and Sasha answer questions in the ring again next Monday. I guess after two weeks, we learned our lesson. Then again, maybe not.

Next week Alexa will be hosting a “press conference,” in which Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax (who mercifully fought instead of talking this week) will be the ones answering questions. Because if a segment doesn’t work with two people who aren’t great at talking, the obvious thing to do is replace them with two people who are even worse at talking. Then be sure and tell everybody ahead of time, so they can tune in to watch the bad talking. Only the best choices for Monday Night Raw.