All Elite Wrestling’s Elite Invaded Bar Wrestling Last Night

Being The Elite

It’s safe to say many attendees of the sold-out January 16 Bar Wrestling show at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles expected something beyond an entertaining night of wrestling. Not only did the show, titled “The Best City I’ve Ever Been To” feature a rare appearance of So Cal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) in the only region of the world they like, but The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Cody had tweeted that they would be in the same town as their fellow All Elite Wrestling roster members earlier that morning. Bar Wrestling, where the Joey Ryan-Hangman Page confrontation that involved a jug of urine last spring went down to further an angle for All In on Being The Elite, made sure their social media followers were aware of this.

In the show’s main event, SCU’s open challenge was answered by the trio of the RockNES Monsters (YUMA and Kevin Martenson) and Eric Watts. Local wrestling publication SoCal Uncensored (not to be confused with the tag team) reported that HBO was filming this match.

SCU defeated their challengers, who proceeded to be sore losers and attack them. As Watts got ready to hit Sky with a chair, Joey Ryan ran into the ring to stop him. Rather than “touch his dick,” as the crowd was wanting, Watts booted Ryan in the face. As Watts took hold of the chair again, Page ran into the ring to deliver strikes and a Buckshot Lariat. Page and Ryan then teamed up to double Dick Flip Watts.

As chants of “double dick” went up from the audience, Ryan and Page shook hands, only to be attacked by the RockNES Monsters. At this point, Cody and Brandi Rhodes emerged from backstage. The tag team attacked Cody, but he fought them off. As the crowd cheered, he was attacked from behind by Watts.

Watts advanced on Brandi, but they did not exchange blows. As Rhodes tried to talk him off, the Young Bucks’ music hit and they entered the ring. Watts did seem to see or hear them and turned to face them just in time to eat a double superkick. The Bucks then superkicked both RockNES Monsters and were attacked again by Watts.

After the segment, Cody got back in the ring to sign the entire audience to AEW, then fire all of them at his wife’s insistence, then make a joke referencing the non-compete clauses in WWE contracts. The babyfaces took a bow together to close the show.