Everyone’s Favorite WWE Tag Team American Alpha Comes To Virtual Blows In Hilarious ‘Mortal Kombat 3’ Battle

In a world where nearly every single word uttered by a WWE Superstar is scripted by a team of writers, Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown, is an immensely enjoyable breath of fresh air. For those who haven’t checked out what UUDD is all about before, it’s basically an opportunity for the locker room to unwind by playing video games with each other — and deliver some pretty intense trash-talking while doing so. The channel recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and it looks to be around for a long time. Hell, even Vince McMahon might end up on it one day.

On the latest edition of UUDD’s “Gamer Gauntlet,” Woods pulls in Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, better known as NXT breakout stars and recent Smackdown draftees American Alpha, for a spirited game of Mortal Kombat 3. What starts off as a best-of-three series quickly expands to a best-of-five, with one member of the Alphas ending up on the receiving end of a virtual beatdown. We won’t spoil who truly is the alpha in this tag team, but we will tell you that their video game nicknames, Chase Hasty and Dick Wellington, are downright delightful.

Other fun facts uncovered throughout the gaming session: Chad Gable’s favorite song of all time is Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up In Blue,” while Jason Jordan’s is 2Pac’s “Thugz Mansion.” Also, in between knowing every suplex and wristlock imaginable, Gable has somehow retained the knowledge of how to execute Mortal Kombat 3 character Stryker’s Friendship ending. (In case you were wondering, it’s LP RN RN LP.)