And Now, Here’s Chris Jericho And Dean Ambrose Playing Air Guitar To ‘Break The Walls Down’

Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho are pushed as the two coolest guys on the roster – Ambrose for the kids, and Jericho for the over-40 viewers (of which there are a lot). Of course this is pro wrestling, so cool is a very relative term. Sure, Jericho and Ambrose are cooler than the guy who exclusively wears jorts and t-shirts designed for children, but they’re still total goofs.

I enter the following fan-shot video from a house show in Glasgow, Scotland as evidence. The video starts with Jericho endorsing Dean Ambrose as the next big thing, which is nice to hear, but then things take a hard left-turn to Dorkville as Dean Ambrose starts air guitar-ing on a kendo stick to “Break the Wall Down” and Jericho joins him on a steel chair. Check out the video you’re going to be re-watching all morning below…

Yup. I wasn’t sure if Dean Ambrose was the future of WWE before, but now I’m pretty sure he’s going to fit in just fine on top.

via Wrestling Inc.