Andrade Has Been Suspended for A WWE Wellness Policy Violation [UPDATED]

Andrade has been suspended for a wellness policy violation, according to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet. While they don’t say exactly what the violation was, they note that he was told of the suspension this morning. PWInsider confirmed the report as well, adding that the suspension formally starts on Tuesday.

Andrade is the current WWE United States Champion, having defended the title against Humberto Carrillo at Sunday’s Royal Rumble and retained by disqualification on Monday night’s Raw. The Raw match included post-match attack from an enraged Carrillo, who pulled a play from the Andrade playbook by pulling up a section of the protective mats at ringside and hitting a Hammerlock DDT on the exposed arena floor. This was done to write Andrade off of WWE television for the next 30 days, although you’ve got to wonder why they wouldn’t have taken the U.S. Championship away from him during the suspension.

Andrade, real name Manuel Oropeza, recently started a YouTube fitness channel with Charlotte Flair.

When the report is officially announced on WWE’s website, it will be the first Superstar wellness policy violation of the new year. The most recent suspensions were to Robert Roode and Primo Colon back in December.

UPDATE [1/27]: As expected, WWE made the announcement and suspension official on Tuesday.

WWE (NYSE: WWE) has suspended Manuel Oropeza (Andrade) for 30 days effective immediately, for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.