There’s An André The Giant Biopic In The Works

Good news for anyone who read André The Giant: Closer To Heaven or wants to see someone playing Dusty Rhodes in a movie: Variety is reporting that a feature film based on the graphic novel based on the impossible life of the legendary pro wrestler is in development. Anybody want a peanut?

Roussimoff’s daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff will consult on the film and assigned the exclusive rights for the biography to the producers.

“André the Giant rode the wave of the rise of wrestling in America, while suffering from the painful health condition of gigantism – there’s an Elephant Man story here,” Steindorff said.

“As a lifelong wrestling fan, I can say with conviction that no one was bigger than Andre,” said Lion Forge CEO David Steward II. “His presence and charisma were so powerful, and you could tell there was much more to him under the surface of his ring persona. It’s been an amazing experience telling that story in the book with Robin’s help. With all the spectacle, action, and emotion there on the page, a feature film just made perfect sense.”

There’s a wealth of material on the Giant’s life available even if they didn’t have a graphic novel to reference, from his storied drinking skills and worldwide fame to his late career and death.

Let’s just make sure Hulk Hogan isn’t a consultant.