Another ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member Wants To Wrestle Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

World Xtreme Entertainment Celebrity Boxing Training Session With Angelina Pivarnick
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Even though Jersey Shore has long since sailed into the waters of “I can’t believe we let that be a thing,” cast members are still making grabs at incredibly niche opportunities for celebrity exposure. You may remember Angelina Pivarnick as the one you can never remember from season one, or, if you’re not lucky enough to have the ability to block out traumatic experiences, from this appearance on Impact Wrestling:

Well, Angelina is getting that itch again, and not the one that comes from sitting on a barstool in a beach nightclub in New Jersey:

Now, saying you’re training for an NXT tryout vs. actually having a shot at the Performance Center are two vastly different things. Just because Snooki got a WrestleMania match (also a real thing we as a society allowed to happen), and JWoww also “wrestled” on Impact doesn’t mean that the world needs another holdover from the fist-pumping days of yore. I mean, we’re still trying to find Zack Ryder his forever home, y’know? That said, if her dream is to truly wrestle, then who are we to stand in her way? Realistically, Jersey Shore is collectively undefeated at WrestleMania, so maybe there is something in her blood that wasn’t killed off by the required post-filming doses of penicillin.

h/t to our best bros over at BroBible