John Cena Gets His Feelings Hurt By Anna Paquin And Kevin Hart On ‘The Late Late Show’

Ah, the wonderful world of pro wrestlers on late-night television. Whether it’s Undertaker piledriving Brad Maddox in a turkey costume on The Tonight Show or just five straight minutes of the Ultimate Warrior rambling to a confused Arsenio Hall, it’s always been unpredictable territory.

On Wednesday night, John Cena stopped by The Late Late Show for a chat with recent Chewbacca Mom enabler James Corden, and he got kind of blindsided. First of all, Corden brought up The Rock’s frequent trash talk at his expense, which Cena didn’t seem to mind. (I’m honestly surprised we didn’t get a Fruity Pebbles shout-out or anything.) But when Cena learned that Kevin Hart has been bad-mouthing him, as well, he was a little more emotionally affected.

“Is this Pick On John Day? What’s going on here?”

Things escalated when Corden asked fellow guest Anna Paquin if she was into wrestling at all. Apparently, she once had a boyfriend who was a major fan, so she recalled going to a few live events, despite having no memory of Cena in action. When she couldn’t even remember if there was a John Cena action figure in the house, it was just too much for Big Match John.

Just loop that reaction for a couple of days if you want a mostly-accurate representation of my reaction to Daniel Bryan’s early retirement.

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