Ashton Kutcher Is Headed To WWE Raw To Prove He’s Great At Friendship

Former That ’70s Show bros turned Netflix series brothers Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher are headed to WWE Raw next Monday for the dumbest, most incredible reason.

See, WWE veteran/noted scarf enthusiast Chris Jericho and current Universal Champion Kevin Owens have struck up a beautiful friendship of late, based on their mutual love of Canada, fatherhood, and being total buttheads to everyone else. Jericho is so sure of their new bond he’s willing to get into fights with other dudes who are friends because that’s what a totally secure and self-assured person would do.

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Enzo and Big Cass called out Jericho and Owens for not being on the same level as other dude friendships, such as Kutcher and Masterson. If you’re thinking “Wow, what an oddly specific pair of actors to name. I wonder if they have a thing to promote?” then congratulations! You’ve won a box set of That ’70s Show DVDs we’ll never actually send you.

Though Jericho (like pretty much everyone else) was confused by the dated reference, it seems that Kutcher and Masterson’s Netflix show The Ranch not only has an upcoming second season, but they are really aggressively defensive about the idea that two men could have a closer platonic relationship than they could. Y’know, just like totally secure and self-assured people would do. They’re so defensive, in fact, they’re gonna show up at WWE Raw when it stops by Los Angeles to throw hands about it. Ugh, boys are so dramatic.