Asuka Made History Again, Then Had A Mutual Appreciation Society With Goldberg

Is anyone tired of Asuka making history and breaking records yet? Nah, me neither. The current NXT Women’s Champion is still undefeated, and has held her title for longer than any person has ever held any NXT championship. Over a month ago, we (along with many others) noted that Asuka was well on her way to breaking Bill Goldberg’s legendary WCW undefeated streak of 173-0 (which was not a legitimate number, but Asuka’s NXT record is extremely legitimate.)

Asuka actually passed 173-0 some time ago, and her win at NXT TakeOver: Chicago actually took her to 177-0. But WWE math, and “official” “history” in pro wrestling is always tricky. However, on Wednesday night, Asuka officially acknowledged on her Twitter account that she had broken the record, and said that she was honored to be the new holder of the longest streak in WWE/WCW history.

And we know that Goldberg himself is almost always extremely magnanimous, so he took to Twitter himself to congratulate her, because he is a very cool and good and respectable dad. Short and sweet, but he said the streak is in very good hands.

This is official confirmation: Asuka is the best and most dominant women’s wrestler ever. Maybe wrestler, full stop. If Goldberg does make another WWE comeback, let’s please pit him against Asuka … and have her kick his whole chest in. (Not because we wish ill on Goldberg, but because we believe in poetry and art.)

Congrats, Asuka. Long may you hip attack chumps with full force.