Attention Internet: Tyson Kidd Now Has Pictures Of Cats On His Kickpads

On this week’s episode of Main Event, Tyson Kidd debuted a brand new set of kick pads. Without being hyperbolic, we can say with confidence that they may be the greatest of all time.

According to Kidd, there are two things in life that don’t lie: Facts and Cats. So let’s break it down:

FACT! He has “FACT” and “CATS” airbrushed on the back.

FACT! He has his four cats (including the dearly departed cosplay enthusiast Gismo) airbrushed on the front.

FACT! Everyone in the world knows the names of Tyson and Natalya’s cats, including the commentators, except for me apparently.

FACT! You thought we’d get through this whole post without me calling them “purr-fect,” didn’t you.

FACT! I’m pretty sure this is exactly how each of us feel in our hearts right now: