Austin 3:16 Says America Needs More BBQ

Wendy’s has recruited WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin to deal with America’s most pressing issue at hand: pulled pork not being a nation-wide fast food staple. Wait, really?

Steve Austin, Alfonso Ribeiro and Ralph Macchio are helping us spread awareness about mouth-watering pulled pork to millions of barbecuilly deprived Americans, but we still need your help. – Wendy’s

Wendy’s wants you to take a break from thinking about how utterly taxing it would be to be friends with their current insufferable readheaded spokesperson to use the hashtag #BBQ4merica, describe in as much detail as possible what kind of BBQ flavour you would be if that were a real thing, and watch as their media interns struggle to learn how to make and properly time animated gifs:

If you love PORK and AMERICA and THE 90s, gimme a HELL YEAH!