It Sounds Like A WWE Bálor Club May Not Happen For A While, If Ever

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06.14.17 5 Comments

We’re going on a very, very long time now that Finn Bálor has been teasing a Bullet Club reunion in WWE. The closest we ever got was when The Club also included AJ Styles, and that was when Bálor wasn’t even on the main roster yet. We dealt with months of Bálor teasing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson showing up, and now we’ve dealt with even more months of his cheeky social media hints that the Bálor Club might be a real possibility as a faction instead of a series of T-shirts.

But as we’ve secretly suspected all along, Finn has just been having a bit of cheeky Irish demon fun with us, because according to him, there are no plans on the table for the Bálor Club to be a thing in WWE. Dammit.

He spoke to in Australia (your leading source of news on the dot com web, presumably), and said it’s not a priority right now because nobody needs there to be a quasi-Bullet Club in WWE.

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