Baron Corbin Talked About His ‘Terrifying’ Money In The Bank Victory

Senior Editor, Sports
08.01.17 5 Comments


Baron Corbin is a deeply complex man, but then I suppose all lone wolves tend to be complex. We all know that Corbin hates independent wrestlers, and that his further objects of hatred include Conor McGregor and all children who aren’t directly related to him.

Presumably, Corbin’s likes include shirts with wolves on them, tattoos with clocks in them, and his Money in the Bank briefcase, which will almost certainly bring him his first WWE Championship within the next year. But according to the Lonely Wolf himself, the actual act of winning the MITB briefcase was decidedly less than fun. In fact, it sounds like it was downright harrowing.

In an interview with FOX 8 Cleveland, Corbin talked about how nerve-wracking it is to try to secure a briefcase while you’re way up in the air on a rickety-ass ladder. (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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