Batista Claims There’s ‘Always An Ongoing Conversation’ About A Return To WWE

Via Good Morning Britain

Dave Bautista’s movie career has continued to explode, with his latest film, Final Score, slated to hit the silver screen later this month. But no matter what he does in Hollywood, to wrestling fans, he’ll always be Batista. It’s been a while since he’s entered the squared circle — he hasn’t wrestled for WWE since 2014 — although if he had his way, that might change soon.

Batista appeared on Good Morning Britain and was asked about whether he’d make it back to WWE. He expressed that he wants that to happen some day, and made it a point to mention that he’s always in the midst of “an ongoing conversation” with the promotion.

“I hope so, yeah,” Batista said. “It’s always an ongoing conversation with myself and WWE. I never burnt that bridge, intentionally because I never had any reason to. I left for certain reasons. But I love professional wrestling and I love that company.”

It’s well-documented that WWE has reached out to Batista relatively recently, as he said the company wanted him to return for WrestleMania 34 for a match involving Ronda Rousey. While he said that communication suddenly fell off with WWE about that, the good news is there seems to be mutual interest about Batista doing something somewhere down the line.

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