This Fan’s Effort At Getting A Bayley Hug Is The Most Painful Wrestling Moment Of 2018

04.24.18 10 months ago 13 Comments


Bayley might eventually make a heel turn, but there’s a bit of understandable trepidation on WWE’s part to do so because of how much kids love her character — this has long been the assumed rationale behind John Cena never making a heel turn as well.

The “I’m a hugger” thing hasn’t quite translated as well to the main roster as it did on the smaller stage of NXT, but she is still a popular superstar on the roster and kids and adults alike have gravitated to the whole positivity vibe she’s put forth. Sometimes, fans buy in a bit too much and it can lead to extraordinarily cringeworthy moments like what we saw on this week’s Monday Night Raw.

Bayley came out for the 10-woman tag match on Raw to her usual fanfare and that included running over to hug a young girl by the entrance ramp. The problem was there was what appears to be a grown man who thought a hug was coming his way, and what ensued is the most painful wrestling moment since the House of Horrors match.

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