Finn Bayley Showed Up At NXT In Indianapolis To Cheer Up An Injured Finn Balor

02.07.16 3 years ago 27 Comments

As we reported yesterday, Finn Balor suffered an undisclosed ankle injury over the weekend. Naturally, everyone is SAD and morale is a bit down across the board in the WWE. What better to cheer us up than the debut of Finn Bayley?

Yes, Bayley surprised everyone and gave the crowd her rendition of Finn’s entrance and it will make your heart grown three sizes. I propose that whenever someone is injured, Bayley just shows up and replaces them, at least for their intros. Just let her do Cena, Cesaro, Orton, and everyone else. It’d be more entertaining than being reminded of how depressing the roster is right now.

As a bonus, real Finn joined in for hugs for Bayley’s theme song. This is why NXT is magical.

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