Read Bayley And Sasha Banks’ School Essays On Being Future WWE Women’s Champions

In case you missed it, Bayley defeating Sasha Banks to win the NXT Women’s Championship in front of a white-hot Barclay’s Center was about as emotional as wrestling can get, and will make you feel every feeling you’ve got in your body. Sasha Banks now has her rematch at the upcoming NXT TakeOver: Respect special, and if you think you’ve gotten away without having to surrender any more of your emotions to these two before then, oh boy, you are the most wrong.

One of the reasons people have latched on so hard to Bayley and Sasha is that their passion for what they do is so evident at every moment, inside or out of the ring. Whether you subscribe to the the current idea being pushed by WWE of what makes a female performer deserve your adulation and success or not, you can’t deny that Sasha and Bayley were made to do this, and made to be stars. In these two tweets, they reveal just how long they’ve wanted this:

Given the afterthought that has traditionally been women’s wrestling in WWE, it’s amazing to think how inspired both of these performers were at such a young age. It’s even more amazing to think of exactly how many young girls they, in turn, will inspire to love and appreciate wrestling, and hopefully want to be a part of it themselves. You can listen to people give their hot takes on the Divas Revolution, and why it’s working and why it’s not, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is how it affects these girls. They’re the real heart of the Divas Revolution.