Bayley Confirms That Her WWE Battleground Appearance Was ‘A One-Time Thing’

One of the most exciting moments at WWE Battleground, for both the fans in the arena and at home, was when beloved NXT Superstar Bayley made her main roster debut as Sasha Bankssurprise tag team partner in her matchup with Charlotte and Dana Brooke. She certainly got one of the biggest pops of the night, and helped mollify a lot of fans who were annoyed when she wasn’t part of WWE’s brand extension draft. However, fans better have enjoyed it while it lasted, because Bayley herself has confirmed it was a one-time thing.

During the match, JBL was quick to mention that Bayley’s appearance at Battleground did not mean she was on the main roster going forward. In a post-victory interview with Banks and Bayley, Bayley herself said that this was a special occasion, and that her main goal was regaining the NXT women’s title. We will have to wait to see some inflatable tube men on Raw or Smackdown.

While all the devoted Bayley fans may be disappointed, they can always watch her on NXT, and she will surely join the main roster in the near future. After that huge response she got at Battleground, WWE would have to be run by slack-jawed yokels to not realize the power of Bayley.

(Via WWE)