Bayley’s #1 Superfan Izzy May Have Adorabled Her Way Into A Job With WWE

As we recently reported, it seems as though WWE might be moving ahead with NXT Kids, a half-hour show that would look at current NXT events through a munchkin-friendly prism. WWE has gone so far as to send out a casting call, looking for “high energy, personable, lively, quick on their feet” kids ages 7 – 14 to appear the show.

Well, I hope none of the kids who try out are hoping to take top billing, because WWE already has a NXT Kids star in mind. According to the Wrestling Observer, NXT Kids is being looked at as a star vehicle for everybody’s favorite Bayley mega-fan, Izzy. Even if Izzy doesn’t end up being a big part of the show, the NXT Kids concept is apparently inspired by her, and WWE is hoping to foster more fans like Izzy through the show.

For those who haven’t been following Izzy’s odyssey, she started out as just a wide-eyed kid who’d show up at every NXT show in Bayley gear, but more recently she’s become a real contributing force to the show. In a some people’s minds, one of the main reasons Bayley vs. Sasha at NXT Takeover: Respect worked so well was because Izzy was there, reacting with unrestrained little kid emotion to every blow.

Could Izzy becoming an official WWE superstar ruin a good thing? Quite possibly. Should we be worried about a kid not out of elementary school being ushered into the world of professional wrestling? Totally. That said, guys, let’s put this in perspective — WWE might be making a new Saturday Morning Slam inspired by Bayley and Izzy. This is going to be the best.

(Via Wrestling Observer)

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