Becky Lynch And Cris Cyborg Won’t Stop Teasing A Potential Match At SummerSlam

07.31.17 8 months ago 2 Comments


There is perhaps more going on with potential UFC-WWE crossover right now than at any other point in history. The biggest news at the moment, of course, is that Brock Lesnar is back in the USADA drug testing pool, and scuttlebutt is that he’s considering another UFC fight, despite having “retired.” Jon “Bones” Jones and Lesnar have been having a back-and-forth, and it suuuuure seems like it’s setting up what could be one of the biggest superfights of all time.

Meanwhile, Ronda Rousey — who WWE has had their sights set on for a long long lonely lonely time — popped up at the Mae Young Classic tapings and took the obligatory photo with Triple H, so now people are speculating about THAT again.

But this whole time, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch and Cris Cyborg — who just this past weekend became the second UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion — have been taunting one another on social media for some time now, and things certainly aren’t slowing down, especially after this past weekend. Cyborg even responded to Lynch’s latest taunt with a direct appeal to Triple H.

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