Becky Lynch Picked Her Replacement To Face Ronda Rousey At Survivor Series


We’ve been worried all day about what happened to Becky Lynch, who apparently suffered a severe concussion last night on Raw, and who we’d already heard was forced to drop out of Survivor Series this Sunday. Now thanks to Smackdown we have a better idea what’s happening, and it’s not quite as bad as we feared it might be.

Paige called the entire women’s roster out to the ring one by one, then introduced Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Since WWE had yet to make an official announcement about the severity of her injury, a lot of us were immediately worried she might be about to drop the belt. Instead, she made it clear that she’s going to be back as soon as she can, and wants to face Ronda the first chance she gets. She also emphasized that she wants nothing more than to fight Ronda at Survivor Series, but the doctors won’t let her.

“Even with a severe concussion and a broken face I could still kick Ronnie’s ass,” said Becky, as the crowd cheered loudly. “I’m sorry to everybody that I can’t finish what I started… yet. Because Ronda, you’re not the baddest bitch on the planet, you’re the luckiest.”

Then she got the chance to handpick her replacement for the Survivor Series match against Ronda Rousey. She looked over the entire roster, deliberating over her decision. She stared long and hard at Charlotte Flair, before telling her, “Go beat Ronda, the way I was going to beat Ronda. You make her tap out, the way I was going to tap her out.” Then the two former best friends shared a respectful handshake and a slightly awkward but emotional hug.

So Becky won’t be at Survivor Series, but she’s still the Smackdown Women’s Champion, and she’s still The Man. Plus, we get Charlotte versus Ronda instead, which isn’t a bad consolation prize. Also, for everyone who has been worried that WWE is still treating Becky like a heel even as the fans adore her, that time definitely seems to be over, with Paige, the commentary team, and Charlotte Flair all on the Champ’s side.