It’s Been One Year Since Becky Lynch Proclaimed Herself ‘The Man’

We couldn’t have known at the time, how big a shift it was going to be. Becky Lynch was already on a roll, and she’d always been good at Twitter. She’d turned heel on Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, but fans never stopped loving her. She won the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Charlotte at Hell In A Cell, and let everyone know she was the best thing going in WWE. After she was rude to Edge (to great acclaim) on Smackdown that week, Becky made a simple statement on Twitter, on October 18, 2018.

That was the first time she called herself “the man.” She didn’t have a chance to cut a promo the next week on Smackdown, she just attacked Charlotte Flair at the WWE Performance Center and beat her down in front of the entire NXT Women’s Roster. But the week after that, following her victory against Charlotte at Evolution, she came to the ring wearing an “I Am The Man” shirt and let everyone know exactly who she was and why they should care.

As the entire crowd chanted her name, Becky Lynch established herself as the best promo and the biggest star in WWE. As you already know, she went on to become part of the first women’s Main Event in WrestleMania history, earning a spot in the planned match that everyone had expected to be between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey.

Since then, WWE has done their best (intentionally or not) to cool her off, with an extended Lacey Evans feud and a relationship storyline, but between her recent matches with Sasha Banks and her segment with the Rock on the Smackdown Fox premiere, Becky Lynch has proven she’s still the Man a year later, and she’s going to be a star for a long time to come.