Becky Lynch Responds To Rumors She Won’t Be Medically Cleared For TLC


WWE and Becky Lynch have been able to keep her Hottest Thing In Wrestling momentum going even after the SmackDown Women’s Champion was injured during a pre-Survivor Series blue brand invasion of Raw. Though she was unable to wrestle Ronda Rousey on that PPV, her absence was used as an opportunity for a welcome revamp of Charlotte Flair. SD’s now high-profile women’s division has also recently moved Asuka back into the spotlight after her extremely goofy losses to Carmella this summer, having the Empress of Tomorrow win a battle royal for a spot in the women’s championship match at TLC.

It seems like the main thing that could go wrong for the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture right now would be the continued absence of the champ, who we’ve been seeing hand out Ls on the mic and on Twitter rather than in the ring since her injury. In the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that though Lynch has been cleared from her concussion, she has yet to be for her broken nose. WON said it’s expected that Lynch will be cleared by December 16 and with Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka II scheduled for next week’s SmackDown, it certainly looks like WWE is banking on that happening.

However, the Man still took to Twitter to confirm that YES, SHE WILL BE WRESTLING AT TLC.

Hopefully this signals that the time of Lynch being unable to wrestle is at an end, and we can all safely get hyped to see her, Flair, and Asuka in their Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

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