The Recently Retired Bella Twins Are Already Teasing A WWE Comeback

03.28.19 4 months ago


Despite Brie Bella’s announcement that she’d be retiring from in-ring competition with WWE earlier this month (technically taped back in October) and her sister Nikki following that up with a similar announcement a few weeks later, the “retired” and podcasting Bella Twins are already teasing WWE comebacks.

On the very first episode of their new show — with a transcription h/t to Fightful — Los Bellas explained that WWE introducing Women’s Tag Team Championships might immediately be enough to undo both retirements.

From Brie:

“Nicole and I did tell everyone that we are stepping away from the ring, which is true, we are. But we also said that before the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles came into place … This is the thing, for years we were begging for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Begging. We never thought it could truly be a reality. The fact that it is now, makes it extremely tempting for us to go back and fight for them because we’re really the longest reigning, most authentic tag team.”

“Overall, we are the only real, true blood, tag team,” added Nikki, causing us to note the old chestnut that family is more than blood; it’s the people you love and feel at home with.

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Brie posted a followup video on Wednesday, explaining her feelings about how and when she’d make a return.

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