The Bella Twins Somehow Both Won ‘Choice Female Athlete’ At The Teen Choice Awards

Did you sense that odd feeling gnawing at you just now? It isn’t a ghost or a strange presence reaching out to you from the Upside Down. Its just the realization passing through our collective personhood that another Teen Choice Awards has come and gone. This year held its share of surprises, including the time-honored tradition of politically-charged teen sketch comedy — because teens love a good piece of election year satire. Especially if it involves host John Cena making an appearance as Hillary Clinton.

The other surprise was the Bella Twins winning the Choice Female Athlete category. Now, the Bellas seem like super cool people and Nikki’s journey back to the squared circle is an inspiring one, but beating Simone Biles, Alex Morgan, Danica Patrick, Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams? I don’t want to be the one to say it, but I’m calling bull on the Teen Choice Awards this year.

Look, the realization that nothing is sacred about Teens Choosing anymore hurts me too, but come on. Even if a female pro wrestler should be taking that all important surfboard home, I can think of a few on TV that deserve it more. One yells “WOO!” One is a boss. And one is helping Nikki Bella train to get back in the ring.

I’m watching you, Nikki Bella. As Tom Hanks says at the end of Saving Private Ryan, “Earn this.”