The Best And Worst Of AEW x CEO Fyter Fest 2019


when you remember to unplug the TV before you try to attack someone with it

Previously on All Elite Wrestling: We went from All In to Double Or Nothing to see Cody and Dustin Rhodes have the match of their lives, Glacier debuted his deadly frost breath, and the artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose showed up to DDT a nerd on some oversized poker chips.

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And now, the Best and Worst of All Elite Wrestling x CEO Fyter Fest 2019, the second show under the AEW brand.

I Enjoyed The Preshow, Buy-In Large

One of my smaller complaints about Double or Nothing is that I thought the “Buy-In” kickoff show felt more “indie wrestling” and more flawed and unpolished than the rest of the show, and thought it didn’t really represent the vibe or image the actual event seemed like it was going for. The Buy-In at Fyter Fest was a lot more enjoyable for me, although the jaded old man part of me still wishes they’d keep this stuff — at least most of it — for the live crowd. I guess it’s a good sign if my biggest complaint is, “they’re giving me extra free wrestling.”

Tag Teams, Back Again

The opening tag team match ruled, though. The stars of the match without a doubt were Private Party, possibly because they were in the ring with four of AEW’s most tenured and experienced veterans. And while there are a lot of people who get instantaneously contrarian when they can hit a, “it’s just MOVES,” talking point, I think a fast-paced match (with consequences, even) littered with “cool moves” is kinda sorta what a wrestling pay-per-view pre-show was designed for. For example, THIS wonderful nonsense:

Private Party Silly String AEW Buy In

Unless you have a Cesaro on your roster, there isn’t a better base for inexperienced young guys going for ambitious lucha libre moves than Chuck Taylor. That guy could help a 120-pound 19-year old guy dressed like a half-man half-animal super hero get through a convoluted tijeras in his sleep. Marq Quen looked like a major star here.

So Many Fyre Festival Jokes

The Buy-In gave you all the jokes you needed from an event called “Fyter Fest,” from cheese sandwiches and Blink 182 to QT Marshall sucking dick for building permits. If you didn’t get any of these references, feel free to watch the multiple, conflicting Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, and read the UPROXX Fyre Festival tag page for the shorthand.


I’m okay with whatever they do as long as they let Regenerated Tammy Sytch awkwardly hang out on stage for four hours. I was like Pockets from Hook when she showed up. Yes, I’m sure we’ll all get to know her as the show-





Less effective for me was The Librarians stuff. As much as I love Peter Avalon and Leva Bates, it’s just not hitting. One of the difficult things about trying to get “librarian” characters over, especially when their whole thing is wanting the crowd to be quiet, is that if they’re good enough at it, the crowd plays along and stays quiet. So even if the matches are going well, they sound like they aren’t, because the crowd’s just silent or shushing along for fun.