The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 10/21/96: It Can’t Rain All The Time

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Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro: The Nasty Boys thought they were too sweet and nWo for life, but they were not sweet at all, and nWo for nothing. Also, Miss Elizabeth sent Macho Man Randy Savage a love letter in the form of a feminine hygiene commercial, and it’s managed to make the most unhinged guy on the show hinged even less heading into Halloween Havoc.

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Please enjoy the vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for October 21, 1996.

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Best/Worst: Where’s Your Crown, Earl Nothing

1991 Bobby Eaton vs. 2001 Chris Jericho would be one of the best matches you’ve ever seen. 1996 Bobby Eaton vs. 1996 Chris Jericho? Not so much.

The problem is that they haven’t figured out what to do with either guy. Eaton used to be one of the best workers in the business, but he’s getting old here, and he’s spent the last year and a half pretending to be British. He’s not a high flyer anymore, but he’s Bobby Eaton, so he’s still gotta drop top rope knee drops or whatever. Eaton was a tremendous athlete but never a physical specimen, so at this point his top rope offense looks like someone throwing a baby down a flight of steps. Jericho is great, but he hasn’t figured out how to have a personality yet, and his matches exclusively revolve around his opponent beating him to death until he hits a few comeback moves and wins. Remember that barn-burner with Mike Enos? Dude let MIKE ENOS take him to the woodshed. Here, he’s trading dramatic punches with Bobby Eaton and only avoiding pinfalls because Nick Patrick is selling a comedy injury and is slow on the count.

We’ll talk about it more later on, but this episode has the weirdest selection of dated, irregular talent. My theory is that it happened in Mankato, MN — shoutout to Little House on the Prairie for making me aware of it — and a lot of the important dudes either didn’t want to roadtrip through Minnesota or had something better to do.

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