The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 12/7/15: Taters, Ladders & Chairs

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Previously on the Best and Worst of WWE Raw: “WWE World Heavyweight Champion” Sheamus formed the LEAGUE OF NATIONS, a group that combines the great stories of Alberto Del Rio and start-and-go helplessness of Rusev with the in-ring futility of King Barrett. They’re going to take over WWE, if by “take over” you mean “hold the championships while regularly losing to Roman Reigns and his friends.” Also, Tommy Dreamer returned with a spray-tan that made him look like a joke in Christmas with the Kranks.

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Please scroll through for the Best and Worst of WWE Raw for December 7, 2015.

Best/Worst: The Illusion Of Something Different

There’s a moment during the opening segment where the Wyatt Family show up out of nowhere and confront the League of Nations, and it gets the crowd on their feet. They’re chanting “yes,” and the reason why is simple: They’ve just seen something unexpected, something they couldn’t predict by watching any other Raw, and the possibilities flooding their brain got them excited. What if the Wyatts turned face? What if they recreated the vibe The Shield had, where they’re these weird, counter-culture mercenaries who show up and destroy people based on their code, whether that’s inherently right or wrong? How great would it be if Bray could be unleashed as that “tear the system down from the inside” manic preacher he was during his NXT farewell speech? They’ve run their course as heels and have proven they can’t beat anybody, but what if all that changed? What if we could do a hard reboot in an instant, get everybody behind it immediately with no work, and go somewhere fresh and fun?

That’s when the Dudley Boyz’ music hit, and you realized it was just a tease, and business as usual.

That’s the opening to Raw. They seemingly accidentally dropped in this moment of excitement to set up a match that should be the MOST exciting — a 16-man, 4-team elimination tag team match featuring pretty much everyone on the roster with two working shoulders — and let it all go to waste. The Wyatts are still exactly the same. 4 4-man teams fought in an elimination match weeks after Survivor Series, continuing WWE’s weird running joke of not building up Survivor Series properly only to build the hell out of it when it’s over, and what happened in hour one didn’t matter by hour three.

You’ve read me complaining about this enough, but it sucks, doesn’t it? It’s so disappointing. All you need to get through a wrestling show is hope. WWE are masters at creating and manipulating their own fictional universe, and the fact that they keep setting us up for hopeful situations only to pull back and go the safest possible route is so impossibly confusing. It’s not even bad most of the time, it’s just a damn shame.

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