An Unbo-Lievable Ranking Of Bo Dallas Moments That Made Us All Bo-Lievers

WWE’s Bo Dallas quickly went from a confusing soggy boy in tighty-whiteys during his debut to one of the most beloved Superstars in the entire company. Well, at least here at With Spandex. With The Miz seemingly resurrecting Dallas from the depths of despair by having him and Curtis Axel join his entourage, our hearts are free to Bo-lieve once again. Join us, as we take a loving look back at ten of the very best Bo Dallas moments that turned us into Bo-Lievers for life. Bolieve that!

Honourable Mention: The Stars Turn, And Bo Dallas Presents Himself

It only makes sense for Dallas and Axel to be part of Miz’s entourage as they co-starred in The Marine 5: Marine Harder or whatever. A death worthy of cinematic history, and just as brutal as that time WWE made Bo Dallas’s character hella depressed.

10. His Ins-Bo-Rational Entrance

The bastard child of corporate motivational posters and rejected Yanni B-sides, Dallas’ entrance music and video gets you Bo-tivated before he even gets in the ring. It’s hard for an egg to become a bird, but an egg can never learn to fly.

9. Bo Dallas And The Power Of Positivity

As much fun as making Bo-puns is (so fun!!), one of the biggest hallmarks of the Bo Dallas character is how sincere he is in everything he does. Whether he’s a face or a heel, it’s impossible not to think that he doesn’t 100% Bo-lieve in everything he’s saying with absolute certainty. Here, his child-like earnesty helps reignite the power of positivity in The New Day. While his timing may be a bit, well, off when it comes to clapping, I think we can all agree that those Prime Time Player guys were total jerks. Not as bad as that total b-hole Dolph Ziggler, though. What a total b-hole.

8. A Bo-Ment Of Silence

Much like his sincerity, the total commitment (Bo-tal Bo-mmitment?) to what he does is endearing, and frankly kind of amazing. Not only does he Tebow, but he Tebows for a full minute of silence for injured Superstars Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett without corpsing once. So good.

7. Boo Dallas

BOO DALLAS. Ehhhhhhhhhhh, get it? Get it?? BOO Dallas. Like his name, but spooky.

6. Bo Dallas Wins The NXT Championship

Neville? Seth Rollins? Naw. For my money, Bo Dallas is the greatest NXT Champion of all time. While I love Big E dearly, he was a soldier, and Bo told him he’d lose his belt. He needed a little more than five to do it, but he got it done because — that’s right — he Bo-lieved.

5. The Bo Dallas Guide To Action Figure Collecting

Dusty Rhodes. Paul Heyman. Randy Savage. Bo Dallas. IF you don’t consider Bo one of the all-time promo greats, you need to get your head checked. “Just like your mind, toys are their best when they’re open!” Goddamnit. If you can watch this promo for a bunch of action figures and not think Bo Dallas is a best boy, like … I don’t even know what to tell you. I mean, look at his face when he says you can turn your collection into a Bo-llection:

So unbo-lievably good.

4. Bo Dallas Grabs The Bull By The Horns


3. 18-B0

There are some who say The Undertaker’s streak is the greatest in wrestling history. Sounds like a bunch of prop-Bo-ganda to me! That classic El Torito Bo-ment couldn’t have been possible without the Bo Dallas 18-B0 win streak. Just like Undie’s died a horrible, bloody death when Brock Lesnar wrecked his streak and his whole life at WrestleMania XXX (the sexy WrestleMania), Dallas’s streak came to a sad and shocking end at the hands of R-Truth. But we don’t need to talk about that. Too sad.

2. Bo-Rida

The knockout heard ’round the world. Perpetual WWE guest star and total dickhole to wrestlers Flo-Rida was no match for Bo-Rida when he came to WWE Raw. Bo got revenge for his fellow Social Outcast Heath Slater when he took Flo-Rida to the woodshed during a rap battle. Even though WWE wants you to think Bo somehow didn’t get the W, we all know better. Even Bo. You know … ’cause BO KNOWS. (Don’t ever tell me I don’t know how to connect with today’s youth via pop culture references.)

1. Mr. NXT

Number One with a bullet is the unmasking of Mr. NXT. Bo Dallas set a bar that few in WWE haven risen to meet, and to be totally frank, if you don’t hold this among your most treasured NXT memories we’re probably going to fight in real life about it.

After being banished from NXT, Dallas made his secret return as masked man Mr. NXT because JBL was probably way too drunk to realize it was just Bo Dallas in a mask. Sami Zayn would prove to be his undoing once again when he unmasked Dallas (such poor etiquette, all things considered). When the mask is removed, Dallas covers his chest because he is a precious soul with near perfect comedic timing. The height of the segment, however, has to be Full Sail campus security dragging him kicking and screaming from the building. Screaming is the key, as he yells such select gems as “HE TOUCHED MY BUM!” “I’LL TAKE YOUR SHIRT!” and, of course, “I’LL CALL THE REAL POLICE.” Oh, Bo. You are a treasure.

So remember, when life’s got you down in the dumps, you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. All you have to do … is BOLIEVE!