Best In The MMA World: Former WWE Champion CM Punk Has Signed With UFC

CM Punk is headed to UFC.

Rumors have been flying for months that the former WWE Champion and longtime MMA enthusiast (real name Phil Brooks) was eying a run in UFC, including a signing that was allegedly supposed to be announced last month but fell through. UFC made the announcement official tonight on their UFC 181 pay-per-view. No fight camp announced, he’ll fight at either 185, or possibly 170 if he can cut that much weight.

Punk’s worn a lot of hats since leaving WWE back in January, including comic book writer, zombie expert, backup singer and Internet-breaking podcast guest. Wrestling fans have been obsessed with weighing Punk’s hypothetical return to wrestling against how happy and healthy he seems in non-wrestling appearances, and even WWE chairman Vince McMahon said he hoped that “one day we’ll be able to get back together again.” Now that he’s thrown in with UFC, “one day” seems farther away than ever.

The good news: maybe come springtime we’ll get that Punk vs. Brock Lesnar rematch we wanted, just in a different kind of ring.