The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 1/1/14: Ostriches Don’t Have Fur, You Goober

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Best/Worst: Kofi Kingston, The One Guy Who Comes To NXT And Doesn’t Get Any Better

Okay, one of two guys. Alex Riley came to NXT and got a thousand times worse because he job description changed from “trip up whoever’s wrestling Miz” to “give your thoughts about pro wrestling for an hour,” but in terms of in-ring performance, NXT is usually a big improvement. People who are bad on Raw (Natalya) get to show the skills that got them jobs as wrestlers, and people who are good but underutilized on Raw (Antonio Cesaro) become amazing. Kofi Kingston, who for all intents and purposes seems very Natalya like in the fact that he’s almost exclusively terrible but gets called a good wrestler based on a bunch of hypotheticals, shows up to NXT and … wrestles the exact same match he’d wrestle on Raw. Exactly the same.